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with every massage

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Light and relaxing, with focus on lymph drainage. Great for meditative massage, stress relief, and calming the nervous system.

$50 / hr


Assisted Isolated Stretching techniques help promote improved flexibility, pain free movements, and normal range of motion. It greatly enhances the effectiveness of deep tissue massage. Helps prevent injury, especially when working out or training.

$50 / hr

Cupping & 


Cupping is a Traditional Chinese technique that uses either glass or plastic cups to create a vacuum to suction a small part of the skin upwards. It promotes circulation, detox, and breaks up fascia adhesions. Acupressure stimulates traditional points on the body.

$50 / hr

Deep Tissue

Massage & Trigger Point Therapy

Deep pressure to release musle tension, focus on relieving entire muscular groups. Trigger Point Therapy focuses on individual trigger points, commonly referred to as knots. Typically used together to relieve areas with a lot of tension and overused muscles.

$50 / hr



Uses a combination of deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release, and stretching techniques to enhance muscle, and surrounding tissue. Focuses on achieving and maintaining performance in sports and athletics, as well as preventing injury.

$50 / hr

Tuning Fork


Tuning forks use sound therapy to promote healing physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically. Forks are set to different hertz which are scientifically proven to effect the body in many ways. 

$50 / hr



Myofascia is translated as "myo" meaning muscle and "fascia" meaning connective tissue. This technique focuses on releasing tension within this system of connection. Typically paired with deep tissue and trigger point therapy.

$50 / hr


& Infrared Therapy

Using Therabulb® NIR-A Near Infrared bulb provides a spotlight of warmth and healing to the body. Cryo, or cold, and thermo, or heat, therapies promote circulation to an injured area and calms muscle spasms.




Reiki is translated as "Universal Life Energy" and is performed with the practitioner using their hands and a series of Reiki symbols to move energy to, through, and away from the client's body, thus greatly raising the potential of the body's natural ability to heal itself.

$50 / hr